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Julia fans, you can visit the web site pages of, Julia Store, and/or the BigStar by clicking on the text name of the movies listed below. This information is provided for your convenience as we are not receiving any money as a result of this reference.

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Baja Oklahoma,, BigStar
Blood Red,, BigStar
Conspiracy Theory,, BigStar
Dying Young,, BigStar
Erin Brockovich,, BigStar
Everyone Says I Love You,, BigStar
Firehouse,, BigStar
Flatliners,, BigStar
Hook,, BigStar
I Love Trouble,, BigStar
Mary Reilly,, BigStar
Michael Collins,, BigStar
My Best Friend's Wedding,, BigStar
Mystic Pizza,, BigStar
Notting Hill,, BigStar
Pret-A-Porter,, BigStar
Pretty Woman,, BigStar
Runaway Bride,, BigStar
Satisfaction,, BigStar
Silent Angels - Rett Syndrome IRSA-Video
Sleeping With the Enemy,, BigStar
Something To Talk About,, BigStar
Steel Magnolias,, BigStar
Stepmom,, BigStar
The Pelican Brief,, BigStar
The Player,, BigStar
PBS Special-Orangutans,, BigStar

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