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Dr Quinn
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The Heart Within

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman:
The Movie
"The Heart Within"

Airdate: May 12, 2001

A trip to Dr. Mike's hometown of Boston brings both joy and sorrow to Dr. Mike and her family in this emotion-filled movie reuniting Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, and other members of the original cast of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

In this reunion movie, the Cooper children are beginning new lives of their own.

Colleen (Jessica Bowman) is graduating with top honors from medical school, and she plans to join her father-in-law's practice, to work alongside her husband, Andrew (Brandon Douglas). But Colleen soon learns that she must face the same prejudices from Boston's medical community that Dr. Mike encountered as the first woman doctor in Colorado Springs.

Meanwhile, his adventures in Boston put Brian (Shawn Toovey) on the path to a new career, and Sully's work on behalf of the environment has dangerous consequences.

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