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Theme Music And Songs That Represent Sully And Michaela's Love

Dr. Quinn Theme Song
TV Version | 660.8 K

Dr. Quinn Theme Song
Piano Version | 2.6 K

I Ain't Never Loved A Man (The Way That I love You)
Aretha Franklin | 261.5 K

Because You Loved Me
Celine Dion | 59.3 K

Wind Beneath My Wings
Bette Midler | 117.1 K

Maxwell | 661.5 K

When A Man Loves A Woman
Michael Bolton | 356.4 K

Right Kinda Lover
Patti LaBelle | 177.9 K

Forever and Ever Amen
Randy Travis | 342.0 K

Safe Place From From The Storm
Micheal Bolton | 317.9 K

When I Saw You
Mariah Carey | 683.6 K

Wind Beneath My Wings
Instrumental | 19.7 K

Disclaimer: This page is not affiliated with CBS, Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman or the actors and characters associated with the show. This is a tribute by a fan. There is no intention to infringe upon the rights of all the parties aforementioned.


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